Top 20 Things To Do In Palawan For Free.

Here are 20 of the best free things to do in Palawan.

There’s no shortage of cool things to do in Palawan, from visiting historic sites to trying some of the best local food in the Philippines to taking those amazing instagram photos of Palawan’s stunning scenery.

Unfortunately, a lot of the best things to do in Palawan also happen to cost a lot of peos. Heading out for a zipline or Island Hopping Tour example, will produce amazing views of Palawan, but it will also cost a pretty peso. Meanwhile, a visit to City BayWalk is free and has a great view and has some of the best sunsets to experience in Palawan. There are other sites to visit and still take advantage of its history and culture for free.

Relax in the sand at the city’s public beaches.

You don’t have to go all the way to El Nido or Coron to experience stunning beaches, you are in Palawan and they are everywhere.

Visit City Baywalk Puerto Princesa.

A great place to take a stroll and watch the sunset, also hold many of the local Festivals, with great dancing and music. Many places to eat from local food stands to full service restaurants.

Puerto Princesa City Baywalk sign

Balayong People’s Park – Puerto Princesa City.

The Balayong People’s Park is a community-oriented project that aims to encourage the citizen of Puerto Princesa as well as the visitors of the city from different generations to enjoy and experience the benefits of having an urban tree park.

Immaculate Conception CathedralPuerto Princesa

This cathedral in the heart of Puerto Princesa is located right next to the Plaza Cuartel. They hold mass in both English and Filipino multiple times a day and Whitewashed place of worship with dual towers & a spare interior, fronted by a Virgin Mary statue.

Plaza CuartelPuerto Princesa

Is a peaceful park to most people, but in reality it is a place that has witnessed dark events. Appreciate and marvel on the great structures and architectures found in the park. The tunnels and its garrisons is the venue of the tragic Palawan Massacre. Although as tragic as its history may seem, this has become a tourist destination for it has become a symbol of what one must pay to get a taste of freedom.

Plaza Cuartel


The La Inmaculada Concepcion Church is a 17th century church built by the Augustinian Recollects. According to the marker on the site, the walls of the church were taken from the old fortress built in 1740.

The base and surrounding walls of the church are said to be hewn from live corals. The church was later restored and renovated to preserve its structural integrity.

Culion Church

Fort CulionCulion

Right next to the church are the remains of Fort Culion, which was constructed roughly back in 1740 by the recollect Augustinians. There are a couple of cannons here, which were historically used to defend the island. The Fort offers an excellent vantage point o the sea, the town and the surrounding islands.

Fort Culion

Festivals in Palawan

The Best Fiestas and Festivals that are being held throughout the city of Puerto Princesa and in the other municipalities of Palawan.

During these festivals, the people of Palawan would usually conduct colorful street parades and wear creative costumes. These street dances are considered the highlight of the competitions during festivals.

The people of Palawan are given the opportunity to exhibit their unique culture, each municipality’s delicacy, and products and many other things related to the festivity.

Dumaran Spanish FortDumaran

 In Dumaran, you will find the ruins of a Spanish Fort which is an interesting historical site in the vicinity. Its walls are even still intact despite the span of time that it has been there without proper maintenance!
Oral tradition claims that the fort was never finished. This is then backed up by the inspection of the evidence that shows that the fortification of the fort was never finished. According to findings of archaeologists, the bastion of the fort has an unusual shape which consists of around projection at its center flanked by two short walls. The bastion does not conform to any typical shape and it is quite probable that the rounded projection is due to an older construction – most probably a circular tower of stone and mortar which was later on molded into a bastion.

Dumaran Spanish Fort

Las Cabanas Beach also known as (Marimegme) El Nido.

Has a reputation for the best place to view the sunset in El Nido, Las Cabanas Beach is in fact a continuation of Marimegmeg Beach. not overly crowded compared to other beaches.Great for swimming, snorkeling, surfing,cliff jumping,biking, hiking,fishing is allowed and waterfalls to climb plus so much more.

Sunset at Las Cabanas Beach

Waterfalls in Palawan

Palawan has many stunning waterfalls to explore from an easy hike to a more challenging experience that would require a guide, here is our list of the top waterfalls, remember to keep the Philippines clean,pack in and pack out. Salamat!

Hiking in Palawan

Palawan is an island province with rich biodiversity, from simple hikes thru the forests to the majestic waterfalls and if you wish for a more challenging hike to the mountains

Palawan is also known as one of the ultimate hiking frontiers in the Philippines.

Explore All The Stunning Views From High On Top Of The Many Mountain Peaks That Palawan Has To Offer.

Binuatan CreationsPuerto Princesa

Binuatan Creations is a manufacturer of handloom woven bags, placemats, table setting, home decors made from natural grasses and fibers.

You can get a short introduction to weaving and tutorial which will make your visit extra special. Souvenirs and a lot of their products where available from wallets to bags.

Top 20 Things To Do In Palawan For Free.

Agila ViewpointCulion

The hike up 330+ steps to reach the top of Agila Hill will reward you with a panoramic view of the town and surrounding islands is worth the climb. Large crosses direct the way up the concrete stairs going up to the Christ the Redeemer statue at the top of the hill, one of the most iconic landmarks in town.

agila View point

Tarwa Peak – El Nido

A 30-minute journey to the summit but it’s also incredibly tough with extreme humidity and sharp rocks. So be warned to have appropriate  foot wear & water.

The entrance to the hike is at a small little neighborhood next to ‘Skyline Bar’.

There are some sections that are relatively vertical but not to extreme, amateur hikers young and old are on the trail so don’t be fearful of this hike because of the sharp rocks.

I would Rate the difficulty for this hike moderate to above average.

The peak isn’t dangerous at all if you stay in the middle of the rock formations.

But then again if you decide to venture out to the extreme edges, then please be warned, ( Caution)

The view is stunning well worth the sweat, A total Instagram Moment.

I highly recommend getting an experienced guide.

Taraw Peak Cliff ,El Nido

The Ili Cave or SEÑORA CAVELinapacan

It is an island karst that has formed into rigid walls and limestone pillars. When lit over by a lamp, the sides of the cave actually illuminate into virtual stars that will simply take anyone’s breath away – truly an out-of-the-world experience!

lli Cave

Rurungan Sa Tubod Foundation – Puerto Princesa

Rurungan sa Tubod foundation is an organization that teaches women how to weave as a source of alternative livelihood and a form of empowerment. Founded in 1999, the project continues to weave beautiful textiles using hand looms. Learn more about our education and take a peak into our workshop. If you call ahead, we can set up a short demo showing you the process of pineapple weaving from leaf extraction, weft, loomset all the way down to warp.

Swim with Sea TurtlesSan Vicente

The relatively pristine marine environment of San Vicente is one of the best places in Palawan for spotting sea turtles, which are locally known as pawikans. If you are lucky you’ll get a chance to see two endangered species of sea turtles in San Vicente, the Green sea turtle and the Hawksbill.

Turtle underwater

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