Discover the Best Nightlife in TayTay

With many pubs, clubs, and beach bars. Local spots, with affordable drinks let you unwind and make new friends.

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Featured Bar & Restaurant

BoozetedBrads Bar & Restaurant

BoozetedBrads mo na yan! Your One-Stop Bar/Restaurant + Foodtrip, Liquor and Pulutan delivery.

TayTay, Sanvictores St. 1920


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Top Rated Bars, Clubs And The Best Nighlife In TayTay Are Showcased Here.

If you’re looking for a for a great night out on the town here in TayTay.

We have gathered the best Night Clubs, Pubs, Bars, Live Music Venues, Comedy Clubs, KTV, Beach Bars, Cocktail & Wine Bars and Brew Pubs in all of TayTay.

We have broken it down into sections and cities to make it easier for you to discover these great places.

The nightlife consists of sunset happy hour drinks by the beach before enjoying a nice meal in the many great restaurant’s that TayTay has to offer. 

The night can start at the venue of your choice, enjoy delicious cocktails in a rooftop bar or cocktail bar with live music like Pergola East Restobar or join our BarCrawl  and meet some great locals and other international tourists. 

Or try one of the many out of the way local watering holes, such as BoozetedBrads Bar & Restaurant then you can always finish it up at the late night early morning clubs  in TayTay and dance the night away.

Pergola East Restobar

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TayTay offers a wide range of nightlife experiences for visitors and locals

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Night Clubs

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Comedy Bars

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Roof Top

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Cocktail & Wine Bars

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Brew Pubs

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