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Floral Island Resort

Top Resorts in TayTay

In a naturally beautiful island like Palawan it’s almost shameful to stay inside, no matter how luxurious your accommodation is. 

Palawan has many different types of Resorts to offer to its visitors to suit all needs and budgets.

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Floral Island Resort

Your All-inclusive Private Island Resort in Palawan!
Ever dreamt of staying on your own private Island? Since ever, islands have a
magic reputation to inspire and let us forget our worries. Floral Island Resort, a 6
room hideaway which cares about the environment and wants you to experience
the simple filipino way of life!
Support our coral rehabilitation program and be a part of Talacanen Island! 



NoaNoa Island


NoaNoa is a “ CHILD-FREE PRIVATE ISLAND” within a coral reef sanctuary. With a maximum of only 6 guest rooms, NoaNoa Island is for those that are seeking an alternative to the typical 5 star resort.  Exclusive privacy is not the only difference: tropical design, a staff that truly cares, authentic natural beauty of the island and a stunning coral reef.


Apulit Island

El Nido Resorts’ Eco-Adventure island resort, Apulit, set in Taytay Bay in North-eastern Palawan, offers exciting and exhilarating activities for the thrill-seeker. Guests may climb and rappel down the 60-meter limestone cliff, with birds’ eye-view of the whole island. 

Apulit Island has 50 water cottages that combine traditional Filipino architectural style with contemporary design. The cottages are all built on stilts, perched above the sea with an unobstructed view of Palawan’s azure Taytay Bay, surrounding islands, and dramatic limestone cliffs. There are 30 Water Cottages built around the main cove of the island. Each Water Cottage has a 35sqm floor area and can accommodate a maximum of two persons. 20 Loft Water Cottages are located on the western cove. Each two-level Loft Water Cottage has direct access to the sea from its private veranda. It has a total floor area of 61sqm and fits four persons.


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