Biking in Palawan's

Palawan has a Biking Community & Events.

Palawan has a large cycling community and offers visitors many different types of tours., from a simple city tour to a multi-day trip. Palawan is an island province with rich biodiversity – may it be on land or under the surface of the sea, and is also known as one of the ultimate cycling frontiers in the Philippines.

Cycle Routes are provided by Bikemap

Find the right bike route for you through Puerto Princesa City, where we’ve got 39 cycle routes to explore. Most people get on their bikes to ride here in the month of January.


PFPF Inc. Bikers - Professional Federation of Physical Fitness

We are the PFPF INC. Bikers affiliated to PFPF INC. or Professional Federation of Physical Fitness I


Kuya Jun

Bike Repair, Sales and Accessories , Located on Green Valley Hwy, beside the PSST School. Open late, please call if you have any questions.

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