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Are you looking for a place away from everyone else, a secluded beach, a tropical waterfall or just a small hut on a deserted beach to chill out.

Long beach, San vicente

Long Beach, in the municipality of San Vicente, it is the longest white beach, stretching 14 km. Off-the-beaten-track, it will seem like you have this beach all to yourself. There are few tourist amenities in the area, but it’s perfect for travelers who want to get away and enjoy  sand, waves, and coconut palms. You will usually be sharing the beach with the locals and a few other tourists. Long Beach is about one hour north of Port Barton, 4 hours north of Peurto Princesa and three hours south of El Nido.  I highly recommend it. 

Olangoan Falls

Olangoan Falls in Barangay (small district) Binduyan.

Travel time from Puerto Princesa airport: .45 mins

Recommended budget for one: PhP400 (includes entrance and tour guide fees, as well as transportation fee)

Hike half an hour into the jungle, across rivers, and up large rocks to reach the majestic Olangoan Falls. The small waterfall, flowing into a small basin, and the main waterfall, flowing into the bigger pool at the bottom, comprise the main site. Climbing further up will reveal a big shallow pool surrounded by tranquil forests. The hike is mark with trails that made it easier to reach. 


From Puerto Princesa, one can take a van or bus going to Roxas (approximately 2 hour and fare in van is 120 pesos). From Roxas Port, you will ride a ferry going to Araceli (travel time is approximately 4 hours and fare is 400 inclusive of lunch).

Another of Palawan’s  beautiful secrets is the island of Araceli. Visitors can enjoy the pristine beaches and crystal clear waters without the crowds. It’s not yet considered a tourist destination, and is surrounded by untouched islands and well-preserved marine life, making it a great place for snorkeling. divers can expect to see many lobsters, manta rays and other marine life.

Islands of Balabac

South of Palawan is the municipality of Balabac. It’s made up of over 30 islands, many of which are privately owned. Because of this, and due also to the area’s remoteness, these islands are a bit harder to get to. Some require permission from their owners, and most are untouched by commercialization. Visitors should be prepared to live off-the-grid for a while, but they are truly among the most stunning in the province. Patawan, Camiaran, Candaraman, Punta Sebaring, Onuk, and Sicsican are just a few of the many stunning, unspoiled islands that make up the municipality. Many of the province’s locals don’t even venture down to this area. Balabac is truly a hidden gem of Palawan.

Port Barton

Port Barton is a small coastal village on the west coast of Palawan, between Puerto Princesa and El Nido. Together with its accompanying pristine islands, it has become a popular choice for adventurous travelers who appreciate and enjoy the remote location, natural beauty, and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere this peaceful beachside village, at the edge of a rainforest, has to offer.


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