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Aborlan, officially the Municipality of Aborlan, is a 1st class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 38,736 people. It lies in a vast plain between the Sulu Sea and the mountains, 69 kilometres south of Puerto Princesa City.

Known for its Seven Line coral reef, Aborlan in Palawan now hosts an impressive Marine Protected Area (MPA) spanning 79,000 hectares as part of a two-country initiative by WWF and Fondation Segré to rebuild the fish stocks of the Coral Triangle by changing the way people view protected areas.

What is the meaning of Aborlan Palawan?

The Parada ng Lechon (Parades of Lechon) is one of the festivities highlighted. They got this idea from the municipality's name Aborlan which means land with boars. The barangays joined in this activity and enjoyed the food they served called “boodle fight'. Aborlan has an indigenous tribe named Tagbanwa.

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Top Things To Discover in Aborlan

Rakudan Festival

Rakudan Festival

The Rakudan Festival, whose name in local dialect means “gathering” celebrate the foundation of Aborlan, Palawa.

24 June

The Government of Aborlan celebrates the Founding Anniversary with the Rakudan Festival. With Street Dancing Competition locally known as Kenda Ka’t Dalan, Mutya ng Aborlan (The Beauty pageant), Motocross Challenge, Sagwan Challenge, Aborlan Art Workshop and Painting competition,  Agro Trade-Fair and Parada ng Lechon and so much more.

The Parada ng Lechon (Parades of Lechon) is one of the festivities highlighted. They got this idea from the municipality’s name Aborlan which means land with boars. The barangays joined in this activity and enjoyed the food they served called “boodle fight’.

Tarek Festival
This festival celebrated in the municipality of Aborlan, conducted in the third week of January, is marked by ritual dances. It is celebrated under a full moon. This ritual commemorates traditional tribal dances and war dances.
For the Tagbanuas, it is a dance ritual comprising the observance of the Pagdiwata. For the Batak tribe, it is a form of war dance.
St. Therese of Child Jesus Chapel

St. Therese of Child Jesus Chapel


Parish of St. Therese Of The Child Jesus is a Roman Catholic Church located at in the town of Aborlan,Palawan


The TALAKAIGAN RIVER SYSTEM of Barangay Cabigaan, Aborlan, Palawan.

The river’s fresh, sparkling, and crystal-clear water continues to run downstream, Aside from being the main source of potable water, fertile soil surrounding the area allows healthy growth of variety of crops that benefit the indigenous people. The Talakaigan River System is part of the Aborlan Guba System and has a great potential to become a tourist destination

Pintingan Falls
Pintingan Falls,

There, you can find Pintingan Falls, a 20 meter drop waterfall which is about 2 1/2 hrs away from the center of Aborlan



Also known as Isla Sombrero to the local Palawanians. The only white sand beach island in Aborlan, which is the next town to the South of Puerto Princesa. Beach area excellent for swimming, virgin coral reef similar to Roxas and Dumaran in the Northern part of Palawan island.
Great for snorkeling.
Sea Eagle beach Tigman

Sea Eagle Beach – Tigman

Easy access • Golden fine sand • Turquoise pure water • Free entrance • Large low tide

About 10 mins from Tigman

Aborlan’s Sea Eagle Beach at Tigman is a popular beach destination in Aborlan. It’s well-known for its white sand and crystal clear waters that are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and other beach activities. To make things even better, a magnificent sea eagle can often be spotted soaring over the beach. With its breathtaking views, Tigman is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

L&T's Banua

L&T’s Banua

A place to unwind, backpackers and beach lovers.

Kubo Rooms 500 Pesos

Cottages 300-500 Pesos

Entrance Per Head
50 pesos adult
10 pesos Kids to be accompanied


Smart: 09620788053 – Globe: 09771170299

Only 1 1/2 hrs fro Puerto Princesa

Purok Silangan Brgy. Tigman Aborlan Palawan

How to Get to Aborlan

The Cherry Bus leaves once a day and takes about 1 hr 45 mins from Puerto Princesa City .You can buy ticket at San Jose Terminal. You can drop off at any stops along the way.

Cars, Vans, Suv’s & Pickups

When traveling the 83 km distance from Puerto Princesa to Aborlan,

You can hire a Car, Van, Suv & Pickups from local shops if you wish to explore a little bit more and feel adventurous.

When traveling the 83 km distance from Port Princesa to Aborlan, you can take the Cherry bus for 2 hours once a day. Fares range from 430php- 550php

Shuttle Van & Taxi

The van is the most convenient way to go from Aborlan to Puerto Princesa.

Vans: Cost about 600 php – Taxis cost about 1500 php

Can be arranged with your Front Desk Clerk and the San Jose Terminal.

Getting Around Town

Getting around Town

It’s a pretty small town and most things to do in Aborlan can be reached by foot.

You can hire some scooters from local shops if you wish to explore a little bit more.

Getting around Town

You can also hire a Trike from the minibus drop-off point to your hotel.

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