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Featured Brewery
  1. 1st Craft Beer Brewery in Palawan,
  2. 1st Female Craft Beer Brewers in the Philippines!
  3. The 1st Microbrewery Tour in the Philippines.
  4. The First Offshore Philippine Craft Beer Brand
    Available in the USA and Guam.

$$ Puerto Princesa


Discover the Best Brew Pubs/Breweries in Palawan

Palawan offers a wide range of Brew Pubs/Breweries, from very remote to the most visited. 

Top Rated Brew Pubs In Palawan Are Showcased Here.

We have gathered all the best Brew Pubs/Breweries, in Palawan.

We have broken it down into sections and cities to make it easier for you to discover these great places.

The Brew Pubs/Breweries consists of very small breweries to a little larger well known ones, some have their own restaurants and others are in old dive shops that Palawan has to offer. 

The night can start at the venue of your choice, enjoy delicious local beers at one of these great places and meet some great locals and other international tourists. 

BeerUp Taproom

$$ Puerto Princesa


Bacuit Bay Brewhouse

$$ TayTay



Odessa Mama Cafe and Boodmo Brewery

$$ El Nido

Cafe & Brewery


The BrewHouse Coron

$$ cORON

RestoBar and Headquarters of Coron Brewery. Locally Made Beer and Delightful Eats.



A small brewering collective that began in a dive shop on a tiny island in Busunaga.


1000 pesos per year with Social Media Posts (3 pesos a day)



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Comedy Bars

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Roof Top

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Cocktail & Wine Bars

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Brew Pubs

Discover the Top Brew Pubs in Palawan

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