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Palawan Voted 2020 Best Island In The World

Palawan’s outstanding land and seascapes make it a world-class cultural, adventure and nature destination. From trekking through the hills, valleys, and rivers to snorkeling and diving, to partaking in and celebrating with the locals at some of the diverse festivals held throughout the year, there are truly remarkable experiences awaiting you in Palawan.


Palawan Facts

Country: Philippines

Province: Palawan

Nickname: Philippines’ Last Frontier and Philippines’ Best Island

Region: Mimaropa

Capital: Puerto Princesa

Airports: 4 (Coron Busuanga, El Nido, Puerto Princesa and San Vicente)

Area: 14,649.73 km2(5,656.29 sq mi)

Population: 849,469

Languages spoken: Tagalog, English, and local dialects

Weather: tropical climate with a dry season and a wet season

Average temperature: 84°F (29°C)

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 2 (Underground River and Tubbataha Reef Marine Park)

Most popular islands and beaches: El Nido and Coron

Best off-the-beaten-path: Balabac and Taytay

Best tour: Underground River Cruise

Best month to travel: April

Wettest month: August

Best diving: Coron and Tubbataha Reef

Best hiking: Mount Victoria

Best food to try: Chicken Inasal

Things to do: island hopping, hiking, diving, snorkeling or just relax on the beach

The island province of Palawan has much to offer to those who want to get to the heart and soul of the Philippines.

The more adventurous traveler can visit one of Palawan’s indigenous people, the Batak, whose settlements are on the slope of Cleopatra’s Needle. The Tabon and Palawan Museums with their displays of prehistoric artifacts from the Tabon caves and items from the Spanish era bring the areas’ local history to life and are well worth exploring.

Palawan consists of 1,780 islands of pristine white beaches, dramatic rock formations, secret coves, and underground mysteries. An untamed land, a nature lover’s paradise, and an adventurer’s dream: Palawan certainly lives up to its image as the last frontier.

The island province has been declared a nature sanctuary of the world and for good reason. It is wrapped in a mantel of rainforests, outstanding dive sites, majestic mountains, primeval caves, and shimmering beaches. It bursts with exotic flora and fauna and is surrounded by a coral shelf that abounds with varied and colorful marine life.

The long narrow strip of the main island, located southwest of Manila, is around 425 kilometers long and 40 kilometers at its widest. On both sides of a backbone of tall mountain ranges, an irregular coastline meanders in intervals of a vertical limestone cliff and sweeping white sand.

This unique topography provides a wealth of diverse pursuits for the traveler to its shores. Palawan was also named “World’s Best Island” by Travel + Leisure for 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2020.

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