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Taytay known as “Estrella Del Norte” which means “The Star of the North” in English is one of Palawan’s oldest municipalities and was also the first ever capital city of the province.

With its accompanying pristine islands, it has become a popular choice for adventurous travelers who are looking for something off the beaten track that is less visited who appreciate and enjoy the remote location, natural beauty, and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Taytay offers many beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. With crystal blue  water’s and fine white sand beaches.With stunning sunsets to end your day that makes a stunning Instagram moment that you will cherish forever, you have truly discovered paradise.

Top Things to Discover in TayTay

Taytay  Island Hopping trips are very affordable. You can visit 4–5 islands for around 1,500p – 1,700p. All fees and tour meals included! Some tour agencies also include free motorbike rides for inland tours. Other tour agencies also provide bed and breakfast inns if you wish. 


White sandy beach lapped by clear turquoise crystal clear waters , lined with coconut trees swaying in the breeze,About 10 minutes from Fort Santa Isabel with great sunsets.

Apulit, set in Taytay Bay in North-eastern Palawan, offers exciting and exhilarating activities for the thrill-seeker. Guests may climb and rappel down the 60-meter limestone cliff, with birds’ eye-view of the whole island. Dive and discover sunken treasures just off the beach, with a Japanese ship wreck and a plethora of marine species to greet guests.

Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching and The Malampaya Sound

The Malampaya Sound is a stretch of water located on the western side of the Municipality of Taytay. Its opening faces the South China Sea. Take a look at the map to get an idea of its extent. It comprises some 250 square kilometers of water and has a corresponding catchment area of about 400 square kilometers.

The Irrawaddy Dolphins are found in the brackish waters of Malampaya Sound where the Abongan River and its massive network of tributaries empty into the ocean. The Irrawaddy Dolphin is a close relative of the Orca and has the dominant feature of a high and rounded forehead, and the absence of a beak. The WWF lists these Malampaya Sound Irrawaddy Dolphins as being “in immediate danger of extinction due to low numbers, limited range, and high mortality.” At last count, which was in 2007, there were only 44 left, and they exist nowhere else in the Philippines.


Elephant Island and the Hidden Lagoon

This island is part of the Pabellon Islands, which is said to be a shared name for a group of limestone island. It can be visited via private boat or joined tours. 

Pabellon Islands, also known as Elephant Island, boasts of magnificent rockscapes surrounded by white sand beaches and a large coral community. The island also conceals a natural, hidden lagoon tucked deep within the cliffs.

     This lagoon is home to a species of bird known as “Balinsasayaw”, who make birds nests which are harvested and considered a delicacy to the native population. During the gathering season, visitors can watch the natives of the Island climb the jagged rocks and harvest the nests, then enjoy the delicious native cuisine.

Debangan Island sea turtles

Debangan Island, located three to four hours away by boat from Taytay, Palawan. 

For many years, locals of Debangan had relied solely on fishing. But in 2018, the island started gaining attention for its green sea turtles as more tourists visited the island to swim with them. Their amiable nature won their hearts, eventually making green sea turtles Debangan’s main attraction.

“It is still possible to interact with the sea turtles while preventing harm at the same time through limiting the extent of the interaction to simply taking pictures and watching them from a distance,” PCSD spokesperson Jovic Fabello says.

Fabello also notes that riding, holding, and restraining the sea turtles are a violation of the Wildlife Act. Tourists must also be discouraged from disturbing the turtles’ nests, he adds.

A peaceful coexistence with these creatures is key to providing them a safe place for their species to continue to thrive in the island.

Mount Capoas

It is located in Barangay Banbanan, on the western coast of Taytay. It is 1,069 meter high, the highest peak in northern Palawan which makes it a good hiking destination. Along the road uphill, you can do camping and bird watching.

The only 1000-meter peak in Palawan island north of Puerto Princesa and Roxas, this mountain’s location raises the prospects of a beautiful and unique hike.

From Puerto Princesa a four-hour van ride to the trailhead in Binga, Taytay past Lumambong beach.

Start a gradually-sloping community trails, the mountain featured a relatively-steep ascent that allowed you to reach past 900 meters in a matter of 3 hours. The highest point in the trail quickly followed; unfortunately the current trail does not connect to the east peak (a sheer cliff gets in the way) nor to the seemingly higher west peak

Isla Blanca and Quimbaludan Marine Reserve

A small uninhabited island north of Taytay town. It has a small white sand beach, There are some nice corals and pockets of colorful fish.

A great spot for beginners in scuba diving, thanks to the coral reefs off the island you don’t need to go far. You can also relax  on the white sandy beach. It is also called Imbadulan Island.

It has a small white sand beach and some large shade trees for a picnic lunch.

Cuyaoyao Nature Park

Cuyaoyao Nature Park is located in the Village of Cataban inside the Malampaya Protected Landscape and Seascape

This is an ecotourism site. In this area, you will be fascinated by the five waterfalls as well as the native bird species like Palawan tit, Palawan peacock pheasant, Palawan flycatcher, Palawan blue flycatcher, and the famous Palawan stink badger. 

Three of the five water falls are open to the public and are accessible through a trail meandering along stream banks and lush tropical forest.

Totally, the Municipality of Taytay is like a town in the jungle. It offers you a nature along with the modernized town and historical sites.

Fuerza Santa Isabel de la Paragua (Fort Santa Isabel )

Taytay Fort is located directly in front of the town and its most iconic landmark. The a 350-year old fortress is standing tall and proud, the fort continues to remind Palawan about the battles it won, and the rich history plastered among its walls. It played an important role in repulsing the Moro pirates who continuously raided Palawan during the early years of Spanish colonization. Many times, pirates tried to attack TayTay. But their efforts were unsuccessful because of the fort’s protection armed with brass cannons. Some of these centuries-old cannons are still present today.

Kuyawyaw Falls

From San Jose terminal in Puerto Princesa City, take a three to four-hour van ride to Taytay. Rent a motorcycle or tricycle at the town proper and drive for 20 minutes to the jump-off in Barangay Cataban. Nestled in the forested mountain up north in Taytay, Kuyawyaw Falls boasts of three waterfalls, with the last as the most majestic. From the jump-off, going to these falls involve around 45 minutes of hiking, PhP1,000 (includes entrance and tour guide fees, as well as transportation cost) road.

From here, it’s just 1 km downhill along the newly built road where eventually you’ll see an obvious dirt road veering right which you’ll need to take.


Manguao Lake

Lake Manguao is also known as Lake Danao, the only mainland freshwater lake in Palawan and a locally protected area. It has a 640-hectare water area that is situated in the midst of the forest and beyond the hills. It is a home of 137 species of birds from 47 families and the seven threatened species of birds and endemic fishes. There are also three species of freshwater turtles seen including the critically endangered Philippine forest turtle (Siebenrockiella Leytensis), the Malayan box turtle (Cuora amboinensis), and the Asian leaf turtle Cyclemys Dentata). This Lake isn’t recommended for swimming. There is evidence of red cyanobacterial blooms during the dry season.

Liminangcong Village

A vibrant village at the mouth of Malampaya Sound

The sea here is home to endangered dugongs, green and hawksbill sea turtles, and the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphin.

Pasinggatan Festival

    Pasinggat is a term for luster, luster for “Estrella Del Norte” or Star of the North of Palawan. Pasinggatan Festival is a fiesta of dances, a celebration of beauty and a food festival which enhance the mood of an enjoyable and adventurous summer experience in Northern Palawan. It is a ten-day annual celebration that starts April 25 and ends May 4.

This festivity, the fondness of Filipinos when it comes to singing and dancing are being highlighted. Although it is done in Taytay, this fiesta is a celebration of the entire culture of the Philippines.

Showcasing Filipino songs and folk dances, there are programs displaying the best in local handicraft skills and other works.

How to get to TayTay

Renting a Car, Van, Suv & Pickups

When traveling the 220 km distance from Puerto Princesa to TayTay.

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How to get to TayTay

When traveling the 220 km distance from Puerto Princesa to TayTay, you have a few options: you can take a van for 3.5 hours.

Fares range from 250 PHP to 400 PHP. The van is the most convenient way to go from TayTay to Puerto Princesa.
These vans depart from Puerto Princesa airport and San Jose Terminal several times per day.

How to get to TayTay

When traveling the 220 km distance from Puerto Princesa to TayTay, you have a few options:

You can take the Cherry bus for 4 hours Cost: from about 300PHP.
These buses depart from Puerto Princesa airport and San Jose Terminal several times per day.

The nearest airport is in El Nido, about 1.5 hrs.’ drive from Taytay town central.

El Nido Lio airport is a private airport mainly used by Air Swift airline, which belongs to the group of El Nido Resorts. Travellers staying at Apuilit Island Resort can avail theselves of a discounted airfare and complimentary airport transfer.


Getting around Town


You can hire a Trike, they are pretty inexpensive , just make sure you are in agreement with the driver so there is no misunderstanding.


Multicabs are all Over over Taytay very Cheap

Jeepneys are very inexpensive and easy to get around Taytay, just flag one down.

Scooters & Motorcycles

You can hire some scooters or motorcycles from local shops if you wish to explore a little bit more and feel adventurous.

A Taste of TayTay

Top Rated Restaurants & Bars in Tatay Near Me.

BoozetedBrads mo na yan! Your One-Stop Bar/Restaurant + Foodtrip, Liquor and Pulutan delivery

A new hangout place to unwind and chill out in Taytay Rizal. A perfect place for barkadas and individuals who looks for a cool place to dine and hang out…
Good selection of food plus ice cold beer and cocktail drinks.

TayTay Accommodation

Pems Pension and Restaurant

With the breathtaking view of Fuerza de Sta. Isabel, a Spanish Fort that lived through the ages, it welcomes its guest with its best service. For genuine experience, it offers native styled cottages.


Tay Lelong’s Pension House TayTay

 The only place in Taytay with swimming pool facility.

You’ll be within a 15-minute walk of Sta. Monica Parish and Fort Isabel. Featured amenities include Free Wi-Fi.


Paragua Guest House

Situated in Taytay, Paragua Guest House Deluxe Single Room has a garden and a terrace. All rooms come with a balcony.

Flat-screen TV. At Paragua Guest House Deluxe Single, rooms have air conditioning and a shared bathroom.


Casa Rosa Seaview Cottages & Restaurant

Offers a taste of the real Palawan.

Not a big tourist spot, just real people, big smiles, best food, Free Wi-Fi. and comfortable accommodations near Taytay Bay in the Philippines. 



Seacret Lodge

Located in Taytay Pob. Palawan near to El Nido,  Air-conditions rooms free WiFi
1 km. from terminal.

Seacret Lodge features mountain views  and free private parking, set in Taytay.

There is a fully equipped private bathroom with bidet and free toiletries.

A sun terrace is available for guests at the lodge to use.



Flower Island Resort

Flower Island Resort beckons you to a nature paradise where cottages are nestled among lush greeneries and vibrant flowers.

For travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Palawan, Flower Island Resort is the perfect choice. The hotel is not too far from the city center: just away, and it normally takes about minutes to reach the airport. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations.



NoaNoa Island


NoaNoa is a “ CHILD-FREE PRIVATE ISLAND” within a coral reef sanctuary. With a maximum of only 6 guest rooms, NoaNoa Island is for those that are seeking an alternative to the typical 5 star resort.  Exclusive privacy is not the only difference: tropical design, a staff that truly cares, authentic natural beauty of the island and a stunning coral reef.


Why Outdoor Adventure

Head for the white sandy beaches, make a beeline for many island hopping tours or soak up beach cafe culture in a friendly town. Diverse scenery and unique culture mean there is a wide range of distinct places to visit in Taytay.

What You Get

Voted for the fourth year in a row as the Worlds Best Island in 2020, by T&L magazine and in the top diving destinations in the world

Palawan consists of 1,780 islands of pristine white beaches, dramatic rock formations, secret coves, and underground mysteries. An untamed land, a nature lover’s paradise, and an adventurer’s dream: 

Palawan certainly lives up to its image as the last frontier, what are you waiting for?

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