Top 19 Waterfalls in Palawan to see and explore.

 Palawan has many stunning waterfalls to explore from an easy hike to a more challenging experience that would require a guide, here is our list of the top waterfalls, remember to keep the Philippines clean,pack in and pack out. Salamat!

Bakbakan Falls, Brooke’s Point,Puerto Princesa

From San Jose terminal in Puerto Princesa City, take a three and a half-hour van ride to Brooke’s Point. In Brooke’s Point downtown, charter a tricycle to get to the jump-off in Seven Falls Hot Spring and Nature Park. Getting there is an adventure in itself as you will hike for a little over an hour through steep forested trail punctuated by streams and minor cascades. Bakbakan Falls is 200-foot high and drops down to an emerald basin perfect for dipping after a tiring hike. PhP1,000 (includes entrance and tour guide fees, as well as transportation cost)

Binduyan Falls,Puerto Princesa

72 Kilometers away from the city proper of Puerto Princesa is an amazing hidden natural wonder. Baranggay Binduyan is located in the northern part of the City of Puerto Princesa. It is approximately 1 1/2 hours away from the city proper, fare is about 70 pesos (one way only) You can actually go hiking without a guide because the trails are visible but for safety purposes you can just get a guide for your hike, guide fee is about 200 pesos You should be able to reach the falls within 25-30 minutes.

Bulalacao Falls both small & big,El Nido

Sitio Bulalacao in Pasadeña is 15km from El Nido town. You can rent a motorbike or hire a tricycle (about P800-1000, ride is about 45 minutes. Bulalacao Waterfalls, one of the most stunning falls in the town of El Nido, Palawan, is actually a series of waterfalls aptly named Big Falls and Small Falls. The 70-ft. high Big Falls is a 2-part hike that includes a tough 1 1/2 to 2-hour hike (not to be undertaken without a guide and should not be attempted during the August to October rainy season) The easier and more accessible Small Falls (also called Naganlec Falls) is just a 20-min. hike along a well marked trail through the forest with 5 river crossings. The Small Falls, with 4 accessible levels, was calm. The first and lowest has a large pool that people can jump into from the cliff above as it has a 3 m. depth. The easy-to-reach second level has a beautiful low cascade and a shallow, swimmable pool.


Towering at 50 feet (15 meters) high, the falls can be reached by a 20-minute boat ride.

The falls can be easily accessed by taking one of the local boat tours from either San Vicente or Port Barton. Your tour will typically land on the stunning Mahilamonen Beach where you will find the Caparii Beach Resort, which is an excellent vacation getaway boasting total seclusion and privacy. There is also plenty of other budget-friendly and luxury accommodations near the falls.

The falls was only accessible by boat, but now there is a rough road that allows for motorbikes to reach this remote part of the island. But most people will choose to access Bigaho Falls and choose to take a boat tour

The falls are seasonal and dry up from March to early May.

Concepcion Falls, Coron

The ride to concepcion falls is about 1 hour by motorbike from city proper. The falls are beautiful but smaller than expected.It’s bit of a trek to get there but it’s worth it. A nice dip in the cool water is a welcome reward for making the trip. The best time to visit the spot is from June to December, as the rains bring plenty of water into the falls.

Estrella Falls, Narra,Puerto Princesa

From Puerto Princesa City, take a less than two-hour van ride to Narra. Get off the national highway in Barangay Malatgao and charter a tricycle going to Estrella Falls in Barangay Estrella Village.San Jose terminal. Situated at the base of Mt. Victoria, Estrella Falls is a tourist favorite as it never loses its charm year-round. The town’s iconic waterfalls was declared a hall of famer in the regional search for the cleanest inland water body. If you’ve got more days to spare, you can make Estrella Falls as your jump-off point when you chase 63 more waterfalls up in the mountain! PhP600 (includes entrance fee and allowance for cost)

Ilian Waterfalls, Dumaran

Ilian Waterfalls is a hidden beauty located on the mainland of Dumaran. Enjoy the cool fresh water from the waterfalls along with the relaxing ambiance by being surrounded by rich greenery from the trees that tower in the area.

However, make sure not to leave your garbage behind since it is harmful to the environment. Take pictures, keep great memories.

Pack in Pack it Out!

Indalawan Falls, Balabac

If you’re staying in Poblacion, Balabac Island, there are a couple of interesting spots to visit that can be reached by land including Indalawan Falls and Indalawan Beach.

Take a hike and be rewarded with a cool dip in the bottom pool, after your trek.

Kapangyan Falls, Bataraza,Puerto Princesa

From San Jose terminal in Puerto Princesa City, take a four-hour van ride to Bataraza. In Bataraza downtown, charter a tricycle and travel for around 30 minutes to the jump-off in Barangay Malihud. Located deep in the mountains of Bataraza, you can reach these waterfalls in two to three hours of hiking through the river dotted with boulders, and passing by smaller waterfalls. On the deeper portions of the river, you have no choice but to traverse the riverside, go over fallen trees, and hold on to veins. The first that emerges from sight is Kapangyan that falls down a steep rock surface into a small pool. For a wider swimming area, continue the journey to Lalatuan Falls which is well worth it. PhP1,500 (includes tour guide fee and transportation cost)

Kuyawyaw Falls, TayTay

From San Jose terminal in Puerto Princesa City, take a three to four-hour van ride to Taytay. Rent a motorcycle or tricycle at the town proper and drive for 20 minutes to the jump-off in Barangay Cataban.
Nestled in the forested mountain up north in Taytay, Kuyawyaw Falls boasts of three waterfalls, with the last as the most majestic. From the jump-off, going to these falls involve around 45 minutes of hiking,
PhP1,000 (includes entrance and tour guide fees, as well as transportation cost)

Lalatuan Falls, Bataraza’s, Puerto Princesa

Bataraza is located five to six hours south of Puerto Princesa City.It’s accessible by public utility vehicles like shuttle van and bus which leave San Jose Terminal almost every hour. You may ride a van bound for Bataraza (P350). At the town proper, you can hire a tricycle for around P500, roundtrip. There are no entrance and environmental fees being collected in town yet Lalatuan Falls is a piece of heaven on earth tucked in a dense forest. Approximately 50 meters high, that drops down to a turquoise pool-like basin. The trail and the rocks along are slippery – especially during the rainy season Do not brave this adventure without a proper guide, contact the acting Municipal Tourism Officer, Mr. Jun Dawili at +63955-356-4190 for proper coordination and legit guides in the area.

Mainit Falls Brooke’s Point

Located in Brooke’s Point in the southern part of the island province, Mainit Falls is located 194 kilometers from Puerto Princesa City. From the center of the town, drive six kilometers more and you’ll be in the place for sure. The best way to go is by taking a car, but if you’re in for an adventure, you can also ride a tricycle or motorcycle.

Once in Mainit Falls, you’ll be welcomed by tall trees that give shade to the area. I suggest that you bring a mosquito repellant and wear leggings or jogging pants just to make sure you cover your legs to avoid mosquito bites. The place actually offers a wall rock climbing activity if you’re up to another challenge.

Nagkalit Falls, El Nido

From San Jose terminal in Puerto Princesa City, take a five-hour van ride to El Nido. In El Nido downtown, you can rent a scooter and drive for 30 minutes to the jump-off in Barangay Pasadena. 1,000 pesos (includes entrance and tour guide fees, as well as transportation fee) During the rainy season, thrill-seekers are heading to Barangay Pasadena to see the Nagkalit-kalit Falls. The hike from the jump-off along the highway to the falls lasts 45 minutes. It’s a long walk, but well worth it for what what awaits you, is a whitewater view that is spectacular. After winding through the forest with some muddy, ascending paths and lots of river crossings, you can finally take a dip in Nagkalit-kalit Falls’ cold pool.

Olangoan Falls in Barangay (small district) Binduyan.

Travel time from Puerto Princesa airport: .45 mins Recommended budget for one: PhP400 (includes entrance and tour guide fees, as well as transportation fee) Hike half an hour into the jungle, across rivers, and up large rocks to reach the majestic Olangoan Falls. The small waterfall, flowing into a small basin, and the main waterfall, flowing into the bigger pool at the bottom, comprise the main site. Climbing further up will reveal a big shallow pool surrounded by tranquil forests. The hike is mark with trails that made it easier to reach.

Pamuayan Falls Port Barton

To reach Port Barton, you can ride a bus, go on a van or rent a motorbike. All buses and vans to Port Barton leave from San Jose Bus Terminal which is about 5 km from Puerto Princesa City. Take a tricycle or a multicab to get to the bus terminal.

The falls are located 5 km from Port Barton. The waterfall itself is not huge, but it’s a lovely spot for a morning hike through the forest and offers up a refreshing spot for a dip.

To get there, you can either walk the 3 km along the new road before entering the forest or take a tricycle (around 150₱. If you wish to walk, start at the beach and walk to the far end where you’ll emerge at the road. Turn right and shortly you’ll see a rocky track leading off to the left. You can either stick to the main road or follow this dirt track which is more direct and will lead you past a cemetery before linking back to the main road.

From here, it’s just 1 km downhill along the newly built road where eventually you’ll see an obvious dirt road veering right which you’ll need to take.

Sabang Waterfalls, Cabayugan,Puerto Princesa

Sabang is located 1 hr 30 mins North of Puerto Princesa City.It’s accessible by public utility vehicles like shuttle van and bus which leave San Jose Terminal almost every hour. 15-20 mins walk from entrance. Entrance fee for Locals is 150 pesos, After 1.8km of walk along the rocky shoreline west of Sabang beach, You will come upon Sabang Waterfalls standing tall and proud facing the sea.

Sabsaban Falls, Brooke’s Point,Puerto Princesa

Take a RORO Bus from Puerto Princesa Terminal that costs Php 190.00, travel time would be up to 4 hours. Or you can take a shuttle fare will be about Php 250.00 and travel time will last up to 3.5 hours. From Brooke’s Point town proper to Sabsaban Falls a tricycle may be hired for Php 100.00 but it can take up to 4 individuals. From Brooke’s Point town proper it is readily accessible with a tricycle. Located around 15 km, a ride may last up to 30 minutes through a rough road. You will then start a 30-minute hike for the waterfall. Sabsaban Falls boasts its natural beauty. The cold rushing waters and its roar can be heard throughout the area. Its translucent emerald-green waters are enticing you to enter.

Salakot Falls, Puerto Princesa

Salakot Falls is about 30 minutes drive from city proper with a 5 minute hike, you will be refreshed once you dip in the clear water.Found along TSI Road in Puerto Princesa, this low-lying waterfall is frequented by locals who simply want to relax, have a picnic, and swim in its refreshingly cold pools. The site was developed by the local government, was abandoned for some time, and has been taken under the management of indigenous peoples from the Tagbanua Tribe. Salakot Falls is part of Mt. Salakot, a hiking destination whose trail can be found nearby. The only amenities in the area are shower rooms and a small convenience store. Open daily, 8am – 5pm, Fee: Donation

Tibag Waterfalls, Puerto Princesa

From San Jose terminal in Puerto Princesa City, take a northbound van for 30 minutes and get off at Bacungan Bridge where the jump-off is located. Hidden in the mountains of Puerto Princesa, this best-kept secret started to draw adventure seekers since it was discovered a few years ago. The series of cascades that make up Tibag Falls is even more visually stunning during the rainy season. PhP500 (includes tour guide fee and transportation cost)

chasing Waterfalls

Nature lovers often remark on the beauty of the many waterfalls and it can be something that really makes your hike an incredible experience. So before you plan your next tropical  vacation, remember that Palawan was Voted Best Island in the World again in 2020 for the fourth year in a row.

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Thousands of kilometres of coastline, herald Palawan as a water sports mecca.

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