Sure. In regards to its history, it has a relatively short history. It’s believed to have first been made in the early ’80s by a London bartender whose name is Dick Bradsell. According to this gentleman, a famous model entered the Soho Brasserie, where he worked and asked him to create a drink that would “wake them up.” That was really how it was started. I think for any of us, grabbing coffee or espresso, throwing it in a drink, is a rather easy thing to kind of integrate into what we do on a day to day. But at the time, any cocktail served in a V-shape glass was known as Martini. So it was later renamed the Espresso Martini. It very, very soon became a very popular drink. This resurgence that we’re experiencing now is quite interesting.

How to make a classic Espresso Martini! This coffee cocktail is strong, sweet, and delicious with a creamy, foamy top and topped with coffee beans. It makes the perfect after-dinner drink after a big meal but is just as good to get the party started!


Coffee – make sure to use strong espresso coffee preferably brewed in a machine with plenty of froth! One kind of coffee to avoid for making this cocktail is instant coffee, it just won’t taste like a true Espresso Martini without proper espresso.

Kahlua – this is a wonderful coffee and rum liqueur that tastes amazing it really gives this cocktail the best flavor.

Vodka – use your favorite vodka here it doesn’t need to be expensive!

Simple syrup – this is used to sweeten the cocktail and mellow the flavors of the strong coffee and vodka. You can buy simple syrup in bottles or make it by bringing equal amounts of water and sugar to a boil then leaving it to cool completely.

  1. Ingredients
  2. Ice Cubes
  3. 1⅓ Parts Absolut Vodka
  4. ⅔ Part Kahlúa
  5. ⅔ Part Espresso
  6. A dash of Simple Syrup
  7. 3 Whole Coffee Beans


Make sure to cool the coffee completely after brewing it or it’ll melt the ice and you won’t have a nice chilled cocktail.

To cool your coffee quickly you can put it in the freezer for a few minutes.Make sure to shake the cocktail extra hard so you create that lovely foam on top.

When pouring the cocktail into your glass do it swiftly to ensure the foam ends up on top!If you don’t have bottled simple syrup you can make it by bringing equal amounts of sugar and water to boil until the sugar has dissolved. Turn it off the heat and leave it to cool completely before using.

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