Survey Says: Most Annoying Passengers on a Plane Are!

Does someone reclining their seat on a plane set you off? How about a crying baby? Perhaps a snoring seatmate sounds like nails on a chalkboard to you? If so, know you’re not alone, as these are all a part of the most common airline passenger annoyances, according to a new survey.

Only Wanderlust, a travel resource website, recently surveyed more than 1,500 travelers on the most annoying passengers on a plane.

“Many of us are flying again after an extended time off due to the pandemic,”

“With that comes the trials and tribulations of sharing an enclosed space with strangers at 36,000 feet. We were interested to see what the most common annoyance is and where improper mask-wearing ranked as it is a new addition to air travel.”

Manspreading, body odor, and even the sometimes beloved tradition of clapping when the plane lands made the list. According to Only Wanderlust, the common airline passenger annoyances in order are:

The Kicker — Your seat being kicked.

The Stinker — A passenger with a bad body odor.

The Loud & Proud — Other passengers talking loudly.

The Leaner — Your seat being pulled or leaned on.

The Drunk Flier — Drunk or tipsy fliers.

The Noisy Kid — Crying babies or children.

The Recliner — The seat in front of you reclining.

The Scented — A passenger wearing strong perfume or cologne.

The Not-so-Masked — Passengers not wearing their masks properly.

The Loud Sleeper — A passenger snoring.

The Stinky Feet — A passenger removing socks or shoes.

The Eager — Passengers standing and getting bags as soon as the plane lands.

The BYO Meal — A passenger bringing on smelly food.

The Weak Bladder — People getting out of their seats regularly.

The Chatty Cathy — Your neighbor talking to you through the flight.

The Armrest Hog — Your neighbor taking up all of the armrest.

The Too Relaxed — A passenger putting their feet up on or between your seat.

The Clapper — Passengers applauding when the plane lands.

The Manspreader — Passengers spreading their legs (a.k.a. manspreading).

The Night Owl — Bright phone or tablet screens on night flights.

The company also specifically called out the right to recline in its survey. Overwhelmingly, two out of three respondents said people do indeed have the right to recline. Only Wanderlust reached out to several airlines to ask for their input, and the company noted, “They all said essentially the same thing. There is no policy on the right to recline.” However, if the reclining passenger in front of you really is problematic, the company suggests politely asking them to move their seat up or speak to a flight attendant.

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