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National Endangered Species Day. Annually celebrated on the third Friday of May, this is a global event that is aimed at the protection of the endangered species of our planet. 2021 marks the 16th National Endangered Species Day.

Established by the US Senate, the historic National Endangered Species Day came into being in 2006. On December 28, the Endangered Species Act of 1973 was officially signed into law to facilitate the monumental effort of prevention of endangered species extinction. It has been reported that there are around 16000 species (including algae, fungi) whose existence is at a critical juncture.

In India, according to the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, hunting of wild animals has been banned to eradicate the risk of endangered species extinction.

Significance of National Endangered Species Day:

Owing to the drastic effects of global warming, climate change, the wildlife habitat is getting significantly impacted. National Endangered Species Day takes into cognizance the plight of species that are currently on the verge of extinction; and strives to ensure their well-being.

Emphasizing the importance of conservation of the planet’s flora and fauna, the activities of the National Endangered Species Day have always been aimed towards educating about the ways of conservation, restoration of the ecosystem; and understanding biodiversity.

The endeavor is to ensure that awareness spreads to every nook and corner of the world so that the endangered species can be saved from the perils of extinction.

Observance of the National Endangered Species Day is a wonderful opportunity to be mindful about the vast, rich flora and fauna that Earth is endowed with. It is important to learn and broaden our knowledge about wildlife, the species under extinction threat as they form such an integral part of the food chain and human existence.

Through well-coordinated, awareness programs, activities, various wildlife communities, animal, nature lovers, conservationists share their research, talk about environmental issues, steps to save the endangered species, raise the overall quality of wildlife, maintain the ecological balance. Extinction invariably impacts the entire natural balance.

National Endangered Species Day attempts to remind us of our responsibilities towards mitigating the risks that the flora and fauna have been subjected to.

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