National Waitstaff Day, May 21st.Thank you!

Who really makes every dinner out great? Brings you your drinks, serves your meal and does it all with a huge smile even when you leave a measly tip? That’s right! Your waitstaff. These intrepid masters of culinary experience management are the reason your food is hot, delivered in the right order, and ready to be out to your table at the perfect time to experience maximum enjoyment. National Waitstaff Day celebrates these heroes, like we all should every day, and brings awareness to the challenges they face and the work they do to make every dining experience a great one. Have you thanked your Waitstaff recently?

History of National Waitstaff Day.

Waitstaff have been making our life easier for far longer than history records. Waitstaff have doubtless existed in every form of restaurant that has existed, and while they may not have been paid in the traditional sense, the tables of nobility were serviced by waitstaff. They are a vital part of the experience of having a meal out, and in posher homes are equally important to things as simple as the family dinner. As anyone who has been to a restaurant and had poor (or excellent) service knows, there’s something about a skilled and attentive member of waitstaff that can turn a mediocre or frustrating experience into an amazing experience.

Think all waitstaff are friendly and cheerful? While that’s usually the case, there are actually restaurants where the staff is paid to be coarse and rude to the customers, and believe it or not people actually throng to the restaurant to be berated by them. No, this isn’t some strange fetish, it’s just all part of the experience that’s created by your amazing waitstaff. National Waitstaff Day was established to honor these individuals and the environments they provide, and the events they help to make special memories.

How to celebrate National Waitstaff Day.

Celebrating National Waitstaff Day is simple! Drop by your nearest restaurant and thank your waitstaff! If you’re in America, you can also thank them by leaving a sizable tip (Which you should do anyway). Perhaps the best way to celebrate is to provide your waitstaff with a huge thank you, and by treating them with extra care and respect every time you go visit. They’re sure to appreciate it and believe us if anyone knows what it means to be unappreciated, it’s waitstaff. Also, National Waitstaff Day is a great excuse to treat you and your family to a relaxing meal out, while showing your appreciation throughout.

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