May is National Hamburger Month.

May has been designated National Hamburger Month, and chains like Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, and Ruby Tuesday take part in the celebration. All-things-burger will also get spotlighted on National Hamburger Day, which falls on May 28.

There’s no doubt that burgers of all kinds are the mainstay of backyard barbecues everywhere. Certainly, they are the cash cow of most fast food restaurants, and they also seem to come in at least a thousand different varieties. The smell of one cooking is enough to set mouths to salivating and stomachs to rumbling, and they even have an entire month dedicated just to them.

It’s time to pay attention to and honor the humble and delicious hamburger! This sandwich’s history stretches back to some surprising (and also sometimes predictable) beginnings. So hang tight and come to learn about the history of the hamburger, in celebration of National Hamburger Month!

History of National Hamburger MonthThere is a strange fact that many people don’t know about one of the most popular ‘cuts’ of meat out there today. Honest to goodness, the hamburger started out as garbage meat.

Seriously, it was made from the waste that was produced in the process of butchering the more desirable cuts of meat from the cow, such as the steak or the roast. That’s right, this delicious sandwich that is known around the world actually began its life as a byproduct from the unwanted meats, the left-over slices from shaping up meat, and the general detritus of tissue that was left after those cattle were butchered. Eating hamburger used to mean that people simply couldn’t afford to eat a pricier cut of meat.

But, despite its less than auspicious beginnings, this interesting sandwich went on through largely unrecorded channels to become the most popular part of the backyard meal. The hamburger can now be found in thousands of different locations with variations that range from the amazing to the simply bizarre. Many restaurants and grocers have even started providing burgers in various other meats, from turkey and chicken to buffalo and emu! Plus, there’s the delicious black bean veggie burger.

National Hamburger Month celebrates this humble meat that became a worldwide sensation.

How to Celebrate National Hamburger MonthAll hamburgers, all the time is certainly the motto of many people! Every lunch and dinner can potentially be a hamburger, and with the many thousands of variations, there’s no reason to get bored. Celebrating National Hamburger Month can happen in all sorts of ways, like these ideas:

Make Hamburgers at Home Share favorite types of burgers with friends and neighbors, and encourage others to share their favorites with you! Those who have a barbecue grill can get right on making those burgers outside. But hamburgers don’t have to be made on a grill, which means anyone with a pan and a stove can do it. For an added bonus, don’t forget to add cheese and also toast the buns in a bit of butter. Delicious!

Host a Hamburger Cookout It might be great fun to arrange a backyard celebration where people bring their favorite meats, mixtures, and condiments! Grab a few friends, fire up the barbecue grill and get those hamburgers flaming. Have different friends bring their favorite versions of handmade hamburger patties and cook them up.

Make available different types of cheeses to melt on top and set out different types of buns for people to choose from (such as sesame seed, wheat or pretzel). Then add a bar full of condiments so that everyone can make their burgers up just as they like them–with ketchup, mustard, mayo, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion slices, bacon, pickles, fried onion rings, and almost anything else that can be popped onto a burger. Get creative!

Of course, a burger isn’t complete without french fries–or at the very least a selection of potato chips. Add a veggie tray and some tasty desserts to make the National Hamburger Month cookout a complete success!

Try New Ways to Serve Classic Burgers National Hamburger Month is a great time to indulge in your burger favorites and explore new variations. Maybe that means having a chicken burger or a veggie burger to keep things interesting. Or possible it just means trying new combinations of toppings. Check out these fun and unique ways to make a standard hamburger into something absolutely fabulous:

Spicy Corn Burger. In addition to a selection of preferred cheese, on top of the burger add a dollop of mayo, a splash of hot sauce, and a couple of spoons full of grilled corn.

Hummus Burger. Inspired by all things Mediterranean, get ready to pile on yummy hummus and then add a pile of grilled peppers and onions on top for a delicious treat.

Basil Parm Burger. Grab some inspiration from Italy with this burger that includes some fresh parmesan cheese, a pile of basil leaves, a drizzle of olive oil, and some crushed red pepper flakes.

Thai Mango Burger. Travel to the other side of the world with the Asia-inspired burger. Start by adding some slices of mango on top of the burger, then some spoons full of peanut sauce, and finally a few sprigs of delicious cilantro.

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