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Welcome to Lafftrip

Locally Crafted Food Serving Since 2018.

Our Chef has created a new menu to tempt your taste buds, it is not a big menu, but all our dishes that we offer you are surely masarap!


Monday - Sunday | 7pM - 3AM

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Locally sourced ingredients with an emphasis on freshness all at a great price.

Marinated Pork Ribs

Cooked till the meat is so tender that it will melt in your mouth, available in three styles Sweet BBQ/Honey & Garlic/Spicy Cajun, served with your choice of Rice or thick cut french fries.

499 php

spare ribs, grill, bbq-2225208.jpg

Thick Cut French Fries

Our homemade thick cut french fries, available in three styles Traditional/Cheese/Spicy Cajun, served with our homemade gravy & homemade salsa.

199 php

french fries, potatoes, frits-7003905.jpg

Chicken Tenders

Our tender Chicken nuggets are boneless and served in a basket and comes in three styles Original/Sweet & Sour/Spicy Cajun served with our homemade Salsa & Homemade Gravy.

299 php

chicken nuggets, fries, dip-246180.jpg

Crispy Fried Calamari

for light, golden brown crust and tender calamari that you will love, served with your choice of cocktail sauce/marinara sauce/garlicky aioli

399 php

Pica - Pica Tortila Chips

Looking for something light and something to share, served with your choice of Salsa/Mild, Medium, Hot

199 php

Good Food | Good Service

Tuesday Means

Happy Hours!

Unlimited 399 php

Every Tuesday we have unlimited ?

Happy Customers!

We eat here all the time, and the new menu is so delicious.

Off Limits Band

So very Masarap!

Bill Heart

I love their Calamari, so yummy


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